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Gourd Sculpting DVD

2 projects Fat Cats and frogs

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My Vessel by Melynda Lotven

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Cutting, cleaning and finishing a gourd bowl

Tools for cutting and cleaning your bowl:
Mini hand jigsaw, drill for sanding the inside with a wire brush (not pictured here but below), sand paper, and scallop shell.

Be safe and wear goggles and a mask. Gourd dust may not bother you in the beginning but it has a cumulative effect. I have experienced consecutive sinus infections due to not being smart about cutting and cleaning gourds.  

I draw a line with a pencil to follow so that I cut my bowl straight.  

Prick the gourd with a nail.

Insert your mini hand jigsaw in the hole and cut. Follow the line you have drawn.

Clean out the seeds and pulp from your gourd  

Some gourds are easier to.


A  scalloped shell can be a good tool to scrape and clean rounded areas.

This is my favorite shell. It is strong, serrated and fits my hand nicely.

This gourd has pulp that is stuck to the inside and will take a lot to remove.

Go to page 2 to finish up your bowl

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