Make a snowman
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How to make a snowman start to finish

snowman.jpg (67480 bytes)

Make these cute snowmen for gifts or decorations or buy one here at the Gourd Pole.

(click picture to enlarge or purchase)


Snowmansupplies.JPG (104058 bytes)

The following is a list of supplies you will need to make your snowman


  1. Cured, dry and clean birdhouse gourd
  2. Jar for water, napkin for dobbing brushes, styro-foam plate for paint pallet
  3. Acrylic paint colors: antique white, a golden brown, orange, black, red, green.
  4. Brushes: stipple brush, 1"flat brush, 1/2" flat brush for shading, a small detail brush and a medium round brush
  5. MinWax Polycrylic sealer, either high gloss or satin
  6. Fabric strip to match painted hat

Snowmanbasecoat.JPG (95642 bytes)

Use your 1" flat brush to basecoat your gourd with antique white acrylic paint.

snowmanpainthat.JPG (87815 bytes)

Use your round or flat brush to paint the top of your gourd.

snowmanpainthat2.JPG (99620 bytes)

Paint the red band around the hat.

paintbrushshading.JPG (101858 bytes)

Load your 1/2" flat brush with paint as shown,  half dipped in green and half dipped in black.

paintbrushshading2.JPG (76558 bytes)

Drag your brush with the black against the red band.

paintbrushshading3.JPG (74848 bytes)

This is a wonderful artist trick for shading pieces.

paintshading4.JPG (77348 bytes)

You get a nice shaded professional look using this technique.

stiplebrush.JPG (55533 bytes)

A stipple brush is a brush that is flat on the bottom. I load it with paint by dipping one rime with the golden brown and the rest with the antique white.

stiplebrushdemonstrate.JPG (77026 bytes)

Demonstration of stipple brush,
 squish paint into gourd.

snowmanstiplefluffing.JPG (68072 bytes)

Stipple paint your arms and then all over the gourd to get a fluffy look.

snowmandetailing.JPG (103623 bytes)

Add your eyes, nose, rosy cheeks, and mouth with your detail brush. (mix your white and a touch of red together to make pink rosy cheeks.

snowmandetail2.JPG (90999 bytes)

Add ribbing to hat.

snowmandsigningsignature.JPG (86016 bytes)

Sign and date your work

snowmansealed.JPG (111092 bytes)

Seal your gourd with Min Wax polycrylic sealer and let dry.

Remember dried and cured gourds properly sealed will last indefinitely.

snowmancomplete.JPG (114662 bytes)

Rip a piece of fabric in a strip and tie around the neck of your snowman to finish him off.

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