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Gourd Sculpting DVD

2 projects Fat Cats and frogs

21.99 with shipping


My Vessel by Melynda Lotven

Free downloaded pdf



NEW Gourd Sculpting with Melynda Lotven

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Shipping Supply sheet and patterns also included.

Check out scenes from my shoot and pictures of the 2 gourd sculpting projects


Fairy Play February 28th 2009

Learn to make these Fat Cats

Learn to make this bullfrog


ABC of Gourd Art Series Written by Melynda Lotven and Rhoda Forbes
Click here to see projects from the book and ordering information.

Check out all 5 of the ABC of Gourd Art Series
new pricing and new specials


Click here to see projects from book A and B

Click here to see projects from book A and B


Click here to see scenes from book C


Click here to see projects
for book D

Click here to see projects
 for book E

Sharla's testimony on books and DVD

Hi Melynda,
Just wanted to get back with you about book "D".  First, I must say I only
have good things to say about it.  The more pictures in this book makes it
even better than your previous books.

I really enjoy the detail you go into about the gourd process, drying to
cleaning to precautions.  I LOVED the first part about the gourd arbor.  My
hubby is truly inspired and we will be doing another arbor like the one you
wrote about.

I seem to like the "creature" gourds that you usually do although the stuff
Ronda does is great, too.  That way there is more diversity to your books.

The background info about gourds and such is very informative and I really
like that, too.  So many people don't know that much about gourds and I
think the more we inform people about gourds the more popular they will be.
The details you go into about the products to use on gourds is so great,
too.  Very informative!

I just hope you guys keep up the books and projects.  I think the
subscription idea is good to keep people's interest sparked.  You always
inspire me to get back to my gourding!

Also, your video is great, too.  I've only got to watch the first part but
so far so good.
What brand of super glue is the best?
Thanks for everything, esp. the free book!!!!  I love it!!!
Hope this feedback helps and if you have any direct questions for me just
let me know.
Thanks again,

New Book Sterling/Chapelle Publishers “Beyond the Basics: Gourd Crafts” including Melynda’s chef project Check out scenes from the book here

Gourd Projects On Line FREE



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Whimsical Works 2003


The Ultimate Christmas Candy House


How to make a birdhouse


How to make a snowman


How to make a sculpted gourd dog


Make luffa soap


Gingerbread Gourd ornaments and globe


Making bowls


Make a Teddy Bear


Welbourn gourd wreath kit


Gourd swag link HGTV


Kids Crafts:  Hot Air Balloon and Puppets


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