Mini Hand Jigsaws and more
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Mini Hand Jigsaws and more

I am asked quite frequently about tools that I use. With the Christmas season coming upon us I thought I might help Santa out and share some tools I have used through out my 15 years as well as new tools I have discovered. 

After using the Micro-mark mini hand jigsaw for 7 years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to try out a new jigsaw. the Minicraft MB5481. I am going to give you my honest opinion about both of them. First though I must qualify my statements by saying I never had the Gourd cross saw from micro mark but have the little mini hand jigsaw from Micro Mark. I cut the flap off so I could see as I cut, they then came out with the Gourd Cross. I will put the link up for Micro Mark but not the tool itself due to them changing the link on me several times. So here is the Link to Micro-Mark and you can look up gourd cross saw if you are interested.

 The website for the Minicraft is and the link to the tool is  the cost for the kit is $99.95 and this includes the saw, transformer, extra blades all in a case. You can get all the information you need from that link.

On the next few pages you will see me using each tool and I will give you my feelings about them both.

Left the Micro-mark tool,  right the Minicraft MB5481

As you see above the saw is bigger and so is the blade.

The blade changes the same on both.

They both use a transformer that is adjustable speed. I find I am ALWAYS using the high speed.

The guiding plate can be adjusted to cut at slants. This is VERY useful.

I am going to do my public service announcement here and say....first you see me in the kitchen ...this is for picture purposes, I do my cutting OUTSIDE and ALWAYS with a mask and goggles. PLEASE be safe. Cutting and sanding a few times will not be a big deal for you. A sneeze here and there and you will think, oh this is no big deal,  but Gourd dust OVER TIME will cause sinus infections and maybe more, and YES I know this from experience.

I prick the gourd using an exacto - knife

What I like about the minicraft tool is the POWER!!!! This has so much more power then the mini hand jigsaw. I was able to cut THICK gourds I Never would have considered cutting with the other tool.

Here I am cutting the gourd with a flat guiding plate

Here I adjusted it to a slant and I am cutting at a slant.


The Minicraft MB5481 all comes with a case.

See other tools I use as well as the positives and negatives (in my opinion) of each tool on page 2


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