The Enchanted Gourd Garden
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The Enchanted Gourd Garden

Keith Sapps Gourd garden 2003 Hartsburg , Missouri

Snake and Long handle dipper gourds hanging from the arbor.

Keith inside is gourd arbor. He has truly perfected the art of growing gourds!!!!

Look for the How to on creating this arbor in Book D of the ABC of gourd art.



2001 Garden
Take a tour of Keith Sapp's pride and joy in Hartsburg, Missouri

Kieth.JPG (170169 bytes)

Keith tends to his beautiful gourds.

arborinside.JPG (230108 bytes)

Gourd knotted and gourd growing around rake handle.

Gourdgarden.JPG (207955 bytes)

Keith's gourd with arbor.

Gourds.JPG (146539 bytes)

Up close gourds growing.

Sappsarbor.JPG (142008 bytes)

Keith's arbor extends the length of his garden over 50 feet long. 

BigBushel.JPG (143851 bytes)

Big bushel gourd set on a saw horse to keep it safe.

QueenOlivia.JPG (134465 bytes)

Queen Olivia reigns supreme in Keith's enchanted gourd garden

tyingaknot1.JPG (170753 bytes)

Keith finds 2 small dippers next to each other and starts the task of tying them together.

tying2together.JPG (161336 bytes)

View the beginning stage of tying 2 gourds together.

KiethandJoyce.JPG (140346 bytes)

Keith with his lovely mother Joyce Sapp

Click here to see the 2001 Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival


Kiethandmelynda.JPG (158422 bytes)

Keith and Melynda in front of the beautiful gourd arbor.

*note from Melynda this garden is absolutely magical and beautiful. Good job Keith :)



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